Principle of Noticing


Are you ready to discover things about yourself? Your journey of self-discovery starts here. You are invited to take time to create your wellbeing by playing, creating, meditating, reflecting, and observing. Environment plays an important part in forming the way we feel, think, behave. Uncovering your sense of vision and noticing invites you to go deeper into your experience. By taking time to go inwards and outwards, to listen, be still and go with a movement of flow you are allowing yourself access to a hidden and forgotten part of yourself. Once you register and book the course you will be able to access a Course Booklet, a Self-Reflective Journal and an Introductory video. On the third day you will get access to meditation audio and a course workbook. On the second week you will get a Tool and at the end of the book you will be sent a Completion workbook. There is a reading list included in your workbook, too. Participants usually take 10-15 hours to complete the learning process. However, you are free to approach the process at your own pace. Thought in spirit of: Panta rhei a simplified version of the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus' teachings. It basically means, everything flows.

Ksenija Kadic
Ksenija Kadic



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