Ksenija Kadic
founder of fluidity of self

Ksenija Kadic is the Founder of Fluidity of self from London, originally from Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Ksenija currently works as Acting Manager at Camden and Islington Recovery College and as a Transformational Coach. She founded the idea called Fluidity of self which is an evolving theory and practice. Ksenija is a self-thought artist interested in telling stories and self-discoveries. 





Dear Reader,

I would like to tell you a story of my secret friend, or a part of me who helped me discover and develop idea of Fluidity of Self.

One day I dreamt of a cosmic snake, in the shape of a coil, slow moving, infinite and beautifully bright. I was sitting on a chair alone when the snake unravelled and prophesied the coming of Fluidity of Self. 
"You’ll go into a volcano and in the heat of the lava you'll discover two tiny dots of light, pure energy. They'll lead you to treasured place within where the movement of the cosmic snake is. A knowledge of life experience. A place of fluid, no-self, which moves slowly and deliberately like a snake knowing who it is."
In waking life this dream was so vivid. I couldn't get the snake out of my head. I thought of the snake as both me and a friend in me. As somebody who escaped war in the former Yugoslavia, I experienced an uprooting from my home and a loss of my sense of identity. Since then, I became more sensitive to the labels and identities applied to me, which never seemed to fit or be ones I could fully trust. My friend, the snake seemed to be saying - 'I am you, but you are not just me, follow and you will see - you are fluid'. The snake became an inspiration calling me for transformation.

With help from others I ventured into the unknown, onto a self-discovery voyage to see where the snake would take me. I researched within the mental health field and reflected on my work with people who experience mental health challenges.


I coined the idea of Fluidity of Self and facilitated the first workshop at the International Hearing Voices Congress in Boston.
Firstly, I learnt that self-discovery was understanding that struggles can arise from being rigid with our identities rather than being fluid with who we are. 
Soon after I realised that the snake and I weren’t alone, I started meeting people who were interested in Fluidity of Self. I met Shenandoah who became my collaborator helping me develop it further. Through a two-year creative process we felt called to meet each week and play with empty boxes together allowing stories and insights to emerge from this simple but profound exercise. This birthed six principles which under pinned the process of Fluidity of self. I had learnt to see this now as an experience of intentional creative enquiry. 
Secondly I learnt that self-discovery was getting to know myself through creativity. I learnt to receive insights that arose through this process rather than search for answers about myself. The snake became my guide helping me see words and images which I called 'prophesies of the snake'. My job was then to put these to paper in the way that they arose. I discovered my personal archetypes and symbols that helped me understand the deeper knowledge of who I am beyond my cultural identities and roles.

Next on my voyage I met Dr Adrian Low, who became my collaborator on a programme Time to Create, based on Fluidity of self and the six principles. We integrated this with contemporary developments in psychology and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Philosophy, bringing together perspectives on self-awareness, harmonising emotions and working with our resistance in order to see ourselves more fully.
Thirdly I learnt self-discovery was trusting myself. I realised not knowing who I am is not to be feared, but to be embraced. The snake became my collaborator showing me how to let go of my past and trust my experience and befriend my shadow so I can teach it to others.

Continuing on my voyage, I began to work with Mirela Kulovic. I introduced her to how to play with boxes and we created a collaboration we called Space to be Different. With deep roots in spirituality, wellbeing and art practice our work became about relationships, having fun with our different identities and liberating ourselves from rigid rules about life.


I reflected on my drawings, visions and archetypes and realised that my art practice,  life situations and relationships define different aspects of who I am and I felt liberated to express myself fully from these places of variety.

The snake continues to be both me and my friend, helping me see life from both polarities, up close and from a distance. I have realised I can choose who I am. I can be; an artist, a writer, a teacher, mother, ex-refugee, and so much more, be part of collective and still be centred in the one individual that I am. I want to share these discoveries with others to inspire others to transform through the own guidance they find within themselves.

I hope you have a powerful friend as I do. If you don’t, I suggest you find o
ne as soon as possible and let it take you on a voyage of self-discovery. With great friends everything is possible.

With love,

Ksenija Kadic

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