Online Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start and finish?

The courses are ongoing. You can access them at your own pace.


Will I get access to the full course content all at once?

Once you register and book a course you will be able to access a Course Booklet, a Self-Reflective Journal and an Introductory video. 

On the third day you will get access to meditation audio and a course workbook.  

On the second week you will get a Tool and at the end of the book you will be sent a Completion workbook.  

There is a reading list included in your workbook, too.


What equipment/tools will I need?

Access to a computer, an email account, creative materials (optional), and an eager and open mind.


Who is this for? 

Our online courses are for anyone interested in self-development. Artists and creative people, as well as therapists and coaches who want to be more aware of their practice. Anyone else who wants to experience liberation from rigid stories, identities and roles of who you are and go onto their self-discovery journey of play and awareness.    


Is there preparation? Or a follow-up?

To do the tasks with another person and on your own and find the balance and pace, along with your own journaling, active imagination, and your daily appreciation of beauty.


How long do I have access to the courses?

Access to our courses is unlimited for as long as you like.


What do I do if I want to ask the instructor a question or need help?

Please email us on - we aim to respond within 2-3 working days.


What other resources are there?

Each principle has a reading list that can support your learning.  You are encouraged to research and make your own reading list to support your individuation and process of completion.


How safe is the practice?

The practice that our courses offer is not therapy - but it is therapeutic in a way that participants begin to feel liberated and experience freedom within to be their optimal self. It is strongly suggested to be practised with another person.


What is the aim of the course, what will I gain? 

The main aim and gains are to feel more liberated, free to express yourself and to trust your artistic processes. The emphasis is on self-enquiry and willingness to play and participate.  


What is the output of the course? 

Depends on you and the energy in your participatory space with another person or on your own. The aim is to find out what each principle of Fluidity of self is for you and to be able to express it for yourself.

Some participants choose to go away and further develop what they have experienced on completion of the course(s). The possibilities are endless. Examples of what past students have done: write stories and poems, paint, create movies, start creative businesses, or simply work within creative exploration without needing to have an output.


Do I have to share what I create? 

It is up to you. You can keep it secret or ask us for feedback. We invite participants to share their creative output on our Instagram.


What is the methodology about? 

We use a method called Fluidity of Self. This method enables you to safely explore fixed/stuck and fluid/experiential, and other different parts of Self to understand and create a balance within. The emphasis of the Fluidity of Self process is to play with different parts of yourself creatively and to uncover your true self - the self that is balanced, fluid, free and can hold all parts that come into your awareness.