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Online courses

In these courses, we explore together the priciples of Fluidity of Self – supporting you to choose how and when to move in and out of your comfort zones, experience new perspectives, and access the many selves that we all have.

Fluidity of Self online courses are ongoing and you can access them at your own pace. The courses are not therapy - but they are therapeutic in a way that you begin to feel liberated and experience freedom within to be your optimal self. We strongly suggest them to be practised with another person.


Once you register and book a course you will be able to access a Course Booklet, a Self-Reflective Journal and an Introductory video. 


On the third day you will get access to meditation audio and a course workbook.  

In the second week you will get a Tool and at the end of the book you will be sent a Completion workbook. There is a reading list included in your workbook, too.

Are you ready to discover things about yourself? Your journey starts here...

In these courses, you are invited to take time to create your wellbeing by playing, creating, meditating, reflecting, and observing.

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