Time To Create

Time to Create 8-week Programme teaches you six principles of a Fluidity of Self experience.  This programme is a practical guide to support your own self-discovery.   The aim is to interact, respond, connect and create in order to expand your self-awareness of who you are.


Space to Be Different

Space to be different thrives on nurturing relationships and connections between collaborators, environment and spaces within that are unique and different to each human being.

OPEN CALL TO RESIDENCY-more information on Space to Be Different | mirelakulovic

Individual support


Voices and unusual perceptions

I am working with people who hear voices, see visions or/and have unusual perceptions to be creative in their self-expression and find ways to lead a full life.


My practice is aligned with the Hearing Voices Movement, which takes a positive approach to voices and visions, and supports people to discover and  form new ways of relating to their experiences.


When working with people who hear voices, I ask them to share and explore these experiences. Rather than ‘fixing’ or suppressing the voices, we invite them to be heard, validated and valued.






What People Say.

I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it.  I especially enjoyed our discussion afterwards about the self (when I came up after and introduced myself). I want to thank you for an intense and meaningful experience.

Ginger Hoffman/ Ph.D./ Associate Professor of Philosophy

"Ksenija Kadic’s workshop at the 2017 World Congress was life changing. In her workshop, Ksenija offered helpful structure and engaging personal narratives while creating space for participants to join a freeing experiential journey... Ksenija supported my breaking through, at last, into a more fluid process of transformation in my own life.”

Jim Probert / Psychologist & Professor / Ph.D.