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Transformational coaching

Do you want to discover your hidden strengths and tell a different story about yourself?

Fluidity of Self Coaching can help you transform challenges into opportunities and gain a new perspective on life. Our 6 unique principles can help you get insights tap into your inner wisdom and make meaningful changes in your life.

Have you been searching for more insight into your identity? 

This transformative coaching is for individuals seeking personal growth, professional development, and a balanced life.


It is ideal for those:

  • Needing a break to rejuvenate and manage stress.

  • Looking for a career change or exploring new paths.

  • At a life crossroads, seeking clarity and direction.

  • Struggling with well-being and seeking effective coping strategies.

  • Seeking career advancement and development opportunities.

  • Wanting to achieve work-life balance 


Our coaching provides guidance and support to help individuals achieve fulfilment, growth, and balance in various aspects of their lives.

Choose your coaching package

  • Available Online

    A journey of 8 1-hour transformational coaching sessions

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    8 hr

  • Available Online

    One off focused session to help you on your way

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    1 hr

    100 British pounds
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