Transformational Coaching

As a coach I am interested in your creative and life processes as well as your goal.  I work with you as a mirror holding awareness of a fluid observer and reflecting back to you what comes up in our interaction.  We work together to uncover layers of what it is that you hold in your desire field and what it is that you want to let go off.  What no longer serves you.  We work together with stories, images, symbols, metaphors and body intelligence using mindfulness and creative tools.

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Transformational coaching

Change through Creativity and Play

Who it is for

Whoever you are or whatever you want to do, Fluidity of self can help.  It allows people to find freedom within to express themselves-in many different ways using creativity, play and wellbeing.

Have you ever had a feeling or a thought I am not being allowed to be who I truly am?

Would you like to be more fluid in your self expression? 

An individual session will enable you to explore your unrealised potential. Fluidity of self is for people who want to get better in making decision, direction and be more self aware of their process in the personal, professional and creative worlds.
Working together over a series of transformational sessions, you will discover a state of mind that allows you to step into your fullest self.

The practice works well in conjunction with therapy or other self-development processes.


Helps you to get in touch with different parts of yourself you might thought you have lost or forgotten allowing you freedom to be with fear.


Do what you love, be good at it, give the world what is needed and get paid for it.


Experience widened sense of who you are and your capabilities.

Access and unleash your inner playfulness and creativity.

Get insights of who you are, many parts of self.

Feel un-stuck.

Feel connected to others and environment you are in. Connect with yourself and what is most important to you.

How It Works

Individual sessions take place online.


Sessions are 50 minutes long. 

We work together in a block of six sessions using Fluidity of self six principles alongside a range of embodied tools like mindfulness and empty boxes, timeline and other creative tools. 

Cost: £100 per session

          £550 six sessions

Each session will allow you to:

  • experience a widened sense of who you are

  • access your inner playfulness

  • give you insights of many parts of self

  • feel unstuck

  • make decisions

Tools Used

Different from talking therapy, we explore Fluidity of self together as equals and do not aim to analyse what comes up, but simply to make space for it. We work through movement, play, and a range of creative and wellbeing tools, such as breath-work, drawing, writing, mindfulness, mapping and time-lining.


Play with empty boxes is also used as participatory art tool to open up creativity, play and fluid storytelling to ignite what is already within us and to create what is between and beyond our situations and relationships. 

Working With Extreme Experiences

I have extensive experience helping people who have gone through extreme life's experiences which can include paranoia, hearing voices, see visions or have unusual perceptions. My practice is aligned with the Hearing Voices Movement, which takes a positive approach to voices and visions, helping people find meaning in and form new ways of relating to their experiences.

In the context of
Fluidity of Self practice, my voice hearing clients are invited to share and explore these experiences. Rather than ‘fixing’ or suppressing the voices, we invite them to emerge, be heard and expressed.

I was able to make connections between me now and what I once was.