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Principle of noticing

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DISCOVER THE PRINCIPLE OF NOTICING Thought in the Spirit of "Panta Rhei" A simplified version of the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus' teachings. It basically means, everything flows. SELF-PACED Are you ready to discover things about yourself? Start Your Journey Today Unlock the transformative power of self-awareness and creativity. Buy Now and begin your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. COURSE OVERVIEW: Explore well-being through play, creativity, meditation, reflection, and observation. Learn the Principle of Noticing to enhance self-awareness and discover the fluidity of self. AIM AND OUTCOMES: By the end of this course, you will: Gain self-awareness through the Principle of Noticing. Embrace the fluidity of self in different life roles. Express yourself creatively. Integrate these practices into your daily life and relationships. WHO IS IT FOR? From beginners to self-mastery. Develop your self-expression and be creative with your well-being. For all levels: Therapists, Coaches, Self-development enthusiasts, Artists, Anyone who wants to develop their sense of self MODULES Introduction to the concept of 'Fluid Explorer' Concept of Play and Playfulness Understanding Shadow Sense of Vision and Fluidity of Self WHAT IS INCLUDED? Workbook Recording of Visualisation Meditation Self-reflective Journal Introduction Videos Booklet Reading List Completion Booklet Self-assessment Collaborative Partner Booklet with Assessment Quizzes You are encouraged to take notes and write in a reflective journal each day, express yourself, and record your discoveries. Designed for You To discover time to create, restore, and reflect. COURSE DURATION: Between 20-30 hours of self-learning Up to 3 weeks long You are strongly encouraged to do this with a collaborative partner, adding an element of shared discovery. ONE-OFF PURCHASE, LIFETIME ACCESS


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