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A Journey of Self-Discovery, Growth, and Transformation

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

In the world of transformational coaching, self-discovery, and growth, imagine life as the Universal Restaurant—a place where you hold the menu to your desires and dreams. The transformative power of intention and clarity in this extraordinary concept can redefine your path toward self-growth and self-discovery.

Intention: Placing Your Order for Transformation

In Universal Restaurant, the intention is the act of placing your order. Just as you wouldn't walk into a restaurant and mumble, "I want something to eat," you shouldn't approach life with vague goals. Instead, articulate your desires with precision, saying, "I'd like the fish and chips with a refreshing coke, please."

The Impact of Specificity

Specificity is the key to unlocking Universal Restaurant's magic. When you order with precision, the universe understands your request and sets in motion the elements needed to make it happen. Vague orders like, "I want something wonderful," can leave the universe guessing your true desires.

 A Journey of Self-Discovery, Growth, and Transformation
A Journey of Self-Discovery, Growth, and Transformation

The fluidity of Self: Crafting Your Personalized Menu

Your journey with Fluidity of Self mirrors curating your bespoke menu at the Universal Restaurant. It's a multilayered expression of your desires and creative aspirations, akin to selecting a dish that resonates with your taste buds.

A Unified Process and Objective

The fluidity of the Self is both a process and a goal, intricately intertwined. Much like crafting the perfect order, your creative journey unfolds in stages, each contributing to the realization of your desires. It's a dynamic and ever-evolving experience.

Navigating with Six Core Principles

These six guiding principles of Fluidity of Self are your compass in the Universal Restaurant:

Noticing: Observe the rich menu of life, recognizing the opportunities that beckon.

Curiosity: Encourage exploration of new dishes, savoring the flavors of novel experiences.

Allowing: Give yourself permission to relish the banquet of life without judgment.

Accessing: Tap into your inner well of emotions and experiences, like selecting from a diverse array of ingredients.

Honesty: Ensure the authenticity of your order, ensuring it genuinely reflects your desires.

Trusting: Place your order with confidence, knowing the universe's chefs are at your service.

A Distinct Culinary Odyssey

Just as each person's favorite meal differs, your journey with Fluidity of Self is uniquely yours. Your desires, experiences, and creative expressions combine to create a masterpiece that is exclusively yours.

Ordering Your Dream Dish for Self-Discovery and Transformation

While navigating the Universal Restaurant of life, remember to place your orders with intention and clarity. Whether seeking personal growth, creative fulfillment, or a more prosperous life experience, be specific in your requests. Say, "I'd like to explore my creativity through painting," or "I intend to find inner peace through mindfulness."

With Fluidity of Self as your guide, each order becomes a step toward realizing your dreams. Savour the flavors of your journey, discovering that intention, like ordering from a menu, can turn wishes into reality.

Conclusion: Savor Your Culinary Adventure of Self-Discovery, Growth, and Transformation

Embrace the Universal Restaurant concept and the principles of Fluidity of Self. Use intention and specificity to order the experiences and outcomes you desire in your path of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Your unique culinary adventure awaits—savor it to the fullest.

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