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Tailored in-person and online talks and workshops for groups and organisations.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting one of the talks or workshops below, or if you have a specific suggestion you would like to explore co-designing with me.


For example I delivered a wide range of workshops, seminars and talks to organisations on mental health and creativity (e.g TedX, MTV, Total, UCL, Knowledge Quarter).


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Creating Safe Spaces for new arrivals in the UK

What can be offered to help people fleeing difficult situations like war and natural disasters?


If you have asked yourself this question as an individual or as an organisation, then this course is for you. The course aims to help organisations create and facilitate support spaces with a peer led focus for people arriving in the UK from crisis. It introduces practical, emotional, and culturally sensitive ways to support those escaping traumatic events. It is specially designed for people who are already in the health care or community sector and have some experience of supporting others.


These three sessions face to face training explores how you can co-create peer led safe spaces for those escaping crisis.


This course will be delivered over three days

This course is being deliver in partnership with Mind in Camden

To book: Visit Eventbrite link

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Inside & outside the box 

In my own creative process I have found playing with empty boxes to be a transformative tool in unlocking insights into fluid and free expression. This workshop aims to encourage participants to embody and play with hidden  aspects of themselves, through exploring uncertainty and risk taking. The workshop is grounded in the six  principles of fluidity of self, which provide a framework for a process of discovery.


This workshop is offered as a 90 minute stand alone session or as a series.

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Creativity, play & wellbeing 

Fluidity of Self invites wellbeing through creativity, play and self-expression. Our time is unique, we exist in relation and connection with our surroundings. The fix points of self are the inner and outer landscapes of our experience that constantly shift and move. Creativity to be truly in the moment comes from play with both.

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Art of doing nothing 

Guided by the advice "When you don't know what to do, do nothing". We look together at how collaborative, collective and creative ways of working can support our wellbeing through different self-expressions of storytelling.

By exploring how 'doing nothing' can spark our creative process and inspire the imaginal parts of ourselves.  When we are doing nothing we are essentially allowing time to guide us telling us when it is time to do something.  


"We can be many selves all at once. You can be new-born and ancient at the same time. You can travel and time jump."

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