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about fluidity of self mindset

Fluidity of Self and its six principles aims to support people not to be stuck with a limited fixed self-view.

By not fixing on the self as one rigid identity, we become self-aware as having many roles and uniqueness at the same time. The idea of self-liberation, that we can choose who we are according to the situation, relationships and environment helps us have a more balanced and nuanced view of who we are.

We explore the Fluidity of Self and what it means to you by working with the six principles. These principles support you in choosing how and when to move in and out of your comfort zones to experience new perspectives and experience the many selves that we all have.


By practising Fluidity of Self, you are creating, discovering and choosing your own well-being.

The six principles

Our six principles mean different things to different people at different times. They are self-defined and help you to trust yourself, stop analysing your stories, and start creating and experiencing new ones.


The principles can support you in all aspects of your life, but you may experience benefits in particular areas depending on your own personal journey. 


They invite you to awaken your 5 senses including the 6th sense proprioception uncover a fluid observing self, your force that emerges from situations and that is in relationships with others and your surroundings. 


With your unfolding awareness, you will not only feel as though they belong within the overall teaching of Fluidity of Self; you will also be able to make discoveries which will be unique to you as an individual.

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to explore the principles and discover your more fluid self

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Seeing a bigger picture

Experience freedom through attentive and fluid observation.

Symbol: bird

Sense of vision

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Listen to your intuition


Listen to your inner guide, accessing your creative flow.

Symbol: hermit

Sense of hearing

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Understanding yourself


Embrace fluidity of tusting yourself & others 

Symbol: snake 

Proprioception 6th Sense

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Allowing yourself to be different 


Grow your intuition and allow yourself to be.

Symbol: pig

Sense of smell

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Speaking your mind


Embody fluidity, truth, and the taste of honesty, speaking up if you wish to.

Symbol: inner child

Sense of taste

Transformational coaching6.jpg


Go with a flow

Explore the joy of curiosity as you discover the different parts of yourself

Symbol: pixy

Sense of touch

art practice

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our unique participatory art experience. It all began with a simple act – playing with empty boxes. Usu'ra Rose I, in our exploration of the unknown, stumbled upon six foundational principles that now underpin the Fluidity of Self philosophy.

From this initial spark, playing with empty boxes and using 6 principles developed into a unique tool used with others.


Today, this innovative approach is at the heart of Space to Be Different, a participatory art space founded by me and Mirela Kulović, for digital nomads and alike creatives dedicated to expanding self-awareness through play and wellbeing.

In this 90-minute session, bring your boxes or use those provided. You'll be provided with self-reflective sheets to guide your exploration and the option to choose a principle to delve deeper into beyond the workshop.  By the end, you'll emerge with a newfound sense of self-awareness and inspiration.


Book now by emailing for an individual session, or inquire about group pricing and bespoke setting options.

Available both in-person and online, depending on your preferences and location.

Unleash your imagination, break free from limitations, and embrace the fluidity of your being.

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