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About Fluidity of Self

Fluidity of Self is a mode of being that allows you to experience freedom from within. 


Through a collaborative process of play and reflection, we transgress the limits set by our inhibitions so you can step into your fullest self. Just as a snake must shed their skin to grow, so must we allow ourselves to let go of what restricts us.

This is what allows us to survive, grow and thrive.


We all have hidden parts and untold stories. Fluidity of Self brings these into the open. To play. To seize the day. To be more present. To be open to change, within yourself and the wider world.


We can be many selves all at once. You can be new-born and ancient at the same time. You can travel and time jump.


When we learn our identities are transient, we can choose the way we want to be in the world.


Creativity & Wellbeing

Fluidity of Self invites wellbeing through creativity. Every session is unique: an uncharted expedition on a road not yet travelled. Our discoveries emerge in connection with one another. Together, we become explorers.

 Who it is for

Feeling stuck? Have you ever felt you don't know who you are?  or I am not allowed to be who I truly am? Have an idea that you want to develop? Or want to feel liberated in the role you are in? Are changing job or transitioning into a new role? Whoever you are or whatever you want to do, Fluidity of Self can help.

An individual session will enable you to explore your unrealised potential. Fluidity of Self is for people who want to get more from life in the personal, professional and creative worlds. Working together over a series of transformational sessions, you will discover a state of mind that allows you to step into your fullest self.

Fluidity of Self is available for people experiencing a variety of challenges, such as lack of confidence, anxiety or addiction. It can be used to help find direction at work, free up creativity for a particular project, or process a career shift.

The practice works well in conjunction with therapy or other self-development processes.


Different from talking therapy, we explore Fluidity of Self together as equals and do not aim to analyse what comes up, but simply to make space for it. We work through movement, play, and a range of creative and wellbeing tools, such as breath-work, drawing, writing, mindfulness, mapping and time-lining.  

Each session will allow you to:

 Experience of a widened sense of who you are and your capabilities.
 Access and unleash your inner playfulness and creativity.

Give you insights of who you are, many parts of self.

Helps you feel un-stuck.

Helps you feel connected to others and environment you are in.
 Connect with yourself and what is most important to you.


How it works


Individual sessions can take place at your home, work, at a private location in London or online.
Sessions are 50 minutes. The number of sessions is reviewed and based on what you feel you would like to do. There is usually a minimum of two sessions, as one session is required to first set the direction of exploration. These two sessions could be enough to set you free. We can also work together long term, in blocks of six to nine sessions.
An initial conversation of up to 30 minutes is available free of charge if you have any questions or to find out more. Cost to be discussed on application.

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